(English) One Global Standard

One Global Standard

You need more than just rock solid technology to adopt a successful business communication skills development strategy. Speexx is a globally standardized, six-level learning system and method embedded in a scalable solution that fits the needs of large organizations worldwide. Identifying and promoting talent across language barriers is a key challenge to ensure your organization's long-term success. We help corporations develop employee business communication skills to drive competitive advantage with completely standards based, globally consistent Speexx solutions.

Key benefits – one global standard in business communication training

- No upfront costs with off-the-shelf standard compliant technology.
- Globally consistent solution: Eliminate "bad instructor days" and teach the same language standard to all employees regardless of where they live and learn by applying the unified standard Speexx method and global trainer team.
- Reduce number of vendors and apply one global standard in business communication training with the standard six-level assessment and course system for all languages.
- Increase time-to-value with faster start up and implementation – scalable, enterprise-ready architecture and SCORM/AICC compliance.

One global standard six-level proficiency scale for all languages

The Speexx course levels are based on the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is the most widely used and recognized language proficiency scale in the world. Assessments are easily interpreted to determine employee or applicant language qualifications. And through its unique set of so-called descriptors and can-do statements the CEFR level system is uniform for all significant languages – no need to use different assessment systems for different languages. There are six precisely defined competence levels ranging from basic user to near native speaker level:

Five languages from absolute beginners to advanced level
The Speexx online proficiency test and the entire online language learning suite are available for the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Instructions are offered in 13 support languages.
Five languages from absolute beginners to advanced level
Support learning standards with one-click ease – SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC – and accelerate time-to-value with faster start up and implementation. Our business communication skill development solutions adapt easily to every talent development process – from learning to performance management systems – so you see faster return on investment. dp is committed to supporting key standards such as AICC and SCORM that allow content interoperability, meta-data tagging, and data tracking. Our online language learning system can be deployed on all industry standard compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS).
Scalable, enterprise ready architecture
The Speexx system scales to the needs of even the largest IT environments and multi-location enterprises. Speexx incorporates numerous modules and activities that make up a successful blended or stand-alone online training solution. What makes Speexx different from other e-learning solutions available on the market today is the flexibility and the scalability of the product. Students have complete freedom in terms of the time frame of learning a course and are supported by the live teacher in an online environment which is both user friendly and interactive, close to being in a real world classroom.